• The LAQUA Twin range of Pocket Meters are quick, accurate and designed for very small sample volumes. 8 Different Water Quality Parameters.pH, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Ions (Na+, K+, NO3-, Ca2+) and Salt. #MORE INFO

  • The N8 – F32 System is an affordable Herb & Lettuce system designed for restaurants, safari lodges, hospitals or new growers wishing to start a small business with the flexibility to scale to a commercial level at a later stage. The system is 6 meters wide by 3.9 meters deep and comes in an easy to assemble kit form.   1152 plants on the system, with...

  • The MG - 6 System is an affordable Microgreens System, ideal for hobby growers & schools to trial growing microgreens using the NFT (nutrient film technology) hydroponic method. The system being 0.950 x 1.9 meters and comes in an easy to assemble kit form.  6 microgreens profile lengths on the system, with the potential production yield calculated per...

  • Microgreen Fiber Paper is used as the substrate for growing microgreens hydroponically. It ensures clean growing and ease of harvesting. 

Hydroponic Product Supply & Manufacture – INNOVATE THE WAY WE GROW!

Welcome to NFT Hydro!

Hydroponic Product Supply & Manufacture – INNOVATE THE WAY WE GROW!

NFT Hydro, as the manufacturers and suppliers of Hydroponic NFT Systems and equipment, have become a key part of the shift change around the world to meet the demand for higher yield and address consumers’ concern for the environment. From commercial hydroponic projects to semi-commercial & home growers we work accordingly to offer a turnkey solution that suits each of our clients.

We export around the world and supply to South Africa and across Africa, contributing to food security & job creation. We have three manufacturers in place around South Africa, to supply our increasing customer's demand for growing hydroponic crops.

Our products include:

    • Manufacture and supply of high-quality Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) Hydroponic grower profiles for fresh produce production,
    • A proprietary NFT Hydroponic base-stand for larger vine crops such as berries, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes,
    • A proprietary Microgreens grower channel for urban culture of delicious leafy greens & microgreens.

        All products and systems are specifically designed for high crop yield in both hobby and commercial markets.

        Services we offer:

          • General hydroponic consulting,
          • Greenhouse (structure design to installation, daily operation programs, turnkey solutions),
          • Hydroponic grower systems (technical advice, custom design, and usage),
          • Nutrients (crop-specific, automated dosing solutions and implementation),
          • Remote & onsite training (greenhouse management, hydroponic grower techniques, high yield production techniques).

          Contact Us

          Sales & Exports: ++27 83 737 8602 - WhatsApp.Us

          Technical & Advisory: ++27 72 476 2419 - WhatsApp.Technical

          Visit us online:

          http://www.nfthydro.co.za - Official website, please see our Blog & Hydroponic Information Pages
          http://store.nfthydro.co.za - (You are here) Request a Quotation for Hydroponic Grower Systems & Solutions
          http://www.oasis.nfthydro.co.za - We are suppliers of Oasis Grower Medium
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