• The MG - 6 System is an affordable Microgreens System, ideal for hobby growers & schools to trial growing microgreens using the NFT (nutrient film technology) hydroponic method. The system being 0.950 x 1.9 meters and comes in an easy to assemble kit form.  6 microgreens profile lengths on the system, with the potential production yield calculated per...

  • NFT Hydro provide consulting, advisory and implementation services within the agricultural and hydroponic sectors. Services range from general hydroponics consulting (growing techniques, pest management etc.) to technical advice on grower systems, custom systems design and implementation as well as nutrient dosing and climate control systems and...

  • Microgreen Fiber Paper is used as the substrate for growing microgreens hydroponically. It ensures clean growing and ease of harvesting. 

  • The N2 - F8 System is an affordable Herb & Lettuce system designed for home hobby growers, restaurants or growers wishing to start a small business. The system is 1.5 meters wide by 3.9 meters deep and comes in an easy assemble kit form.  288 plants on the system, with the potential to harvest 144 plants every 2–3-4 weeks. #MORE INFO 

Hydroponic Product Supply & Manufacture – INNOVATE THE WAY WE GROW!

Welcome to NFT Hydro!

Hydroponic Product Supply & Manufacture – INNOVATE THE WAY WE GROW!

NFT Hydro, as the manufacturers and suppliers of Hydroponic NFT Systems and equipment, have become a key part of the shift change around the world to meet the demand for higher yield and address consumers’ concern for the environment. From commercial hydroponic projects to semi-commercial & home growers we work accordingly to offer a turnkey solution that suits each of our clients.

We export around the world and supply to South Africa and across Africa, contributing to food security & job creation. We have three manufacturers in place around South Africa, to supply our increasing customer's demand for growing hydroponic crops.

Our products include:

    • Manufacture and supply of high-quality Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) Hydroponic grower profiles for fresh produce production,
    • A proprietary NFT Hydroponic base-stand for larger vine crops such as berries, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes,
    • A proprietary Microgreens grower channel for urban culture of delicious leafy greens & microgreens.

        All products and systems are specifically designed for high crop yield in both hobby and commercial markets.

        Services we offer:

          • General hydroponic consulting,
          • Greenhouse (structure design to installation, daily operation programs, turnkey solutions),
          • Hydroponic grower systems (technical advice, custom design, and usage),
          • Nutrients (crop-specific, automated dosing solutions and implementation),
          • Remote & onsite training (greenhouse management, hydroponic grower techniques, high yield production techniques).

          Contact Us

          Sales & Exports: ++27 83 737 8602 - WhatsApp.Us

          Technical & Advisory: ++27 72 476 2419 - WhatsApp.Technical

          Visit us online:

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