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  • The aponix vertical barrel is a growing device that can use an existing nutrient cycle, either hydroponic or aquaponic much like a normal NFT. Innovate the way we GROW. 

  • Recirculation Box (1:1:4 System) Connect-It Table (1:1:4 System -  0.825 meters) Return Manifold  (1:1:4 System) - 0.825 meters) Feeder Manifold (1:1:4 System) -  0.825 meters) 6 x Grommet & Microjet feeder pipe 1 x Microgreens profile (open profile for microgreen purposes – 1.65m) 1 x Nursing profiles   (36 plantsites per profile 1.65m) 4 x Finishing...

  • Used as s bio-degradable layer/substrate for microgreens. The medium is manufactured from a special blend of 100% natural and speciality fibre of premium grade. 

  • NFT Hydroponic Base Designed to return water nutrient from over irrigation or continuous irrigation back to source tank, or to storage tanks for re-treatment/ reuse.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items