Hydroponic Systems

Nutrient Film Technology (NFT), Hydroponic grower systems, components and Nutrients for Herb & Lettuce crops. Commercial, Hobby, Educational & Medicinal markets. 

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  • Commercial

    NFT Hydro understands that every hydroponic greenhouse project has its own specific design features, technical installations, and equipment. Every greenhouse respectively must suit the customers’ needs and the local circumstances, in the most optimal and efficient manner. Developing hydroponic greenhouse projects, therefore, requires a comprehensive approach.

    NFT Hydro connects local & international project opportunities to our worldwide network of partners. Partners are horticultural suppliers in the greenhouse industry, irrigation systems,  integrated water, and climate control.

    We custom design commercial greenhouse projects for our clients, whether that be for growing microgreens or leafy greens on a commercial scale.

  • Semi-Commercial

    Hydroponic systems for the semi-commercial grower (400 - 1200 plants per system NFT herbs & leafy greens) or (20 - 100 vine crop plants hydroponic base tray).

  • Hobby & Education

    Our smaller hobby or educational NFT systems are ideal for schools, home growers or restaurants. 

  • Microgreens

    We have custom designed microgreen hobby & commercial systems, for high yield and production.  We use Microgreens Fiber Paper as a clean grow medium. The first harvest is possible after 7 days, dependant on seed type. 

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  • Each 1.825m microgreens profile may average 810 grams of microgreens plants with a harvest potential between 5 – 10 days, thus an average harvest potential of 416 x 0.81kg = 336.9 kg each 5 – 10 days. Environment & Grower skill dependant 

  • The N4 – F16 System is an affordable Herb & Lettuce system designed for home hobby growers, restaurants or growers wishing to start a small business with the flexibility to scale to a commercial level at a later stage. The system is 3 meters wide by 3.9 meters deep and comes in an easy to assemble kit form.   576 plants on the system, with the...

Showing 13 - 14 of 14 items