NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower 1-1-4 System


New product

Recirculation Box (1:1:4 System)

Connect-It Table (1:1:4 System -  0.825 meters)

Return Manifold  (1:1:4 System) - 0.825 meters)

Feeder Manifold (1:1:4 System) -  0.825 meters)

6 x Grommet & Microjet feeder pipe

1 x Microgreens profile (open profile for microgreen purposes – 1.65m)

1 x Nursing profiles   (36 plantsites per profile 1.65m)

4 x Finishing profiles (9 plantsites per profile 1.65m)

Note: Grower Medium & Nutrients is an additional cost and can be ordered from NFT Hydro.

Yield & Production is calculated on the Finishing profiles. Therefore 4 x 9= 36 plants every 2 – 3 weeks depending on the skill level of the grower.

The production on the Microgreen profile takes 5 days from seed to harvest, you can seed a variety of Microgreens in the same profile. 

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