NFT Growcoon


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Innovative Plant Propagation System. Growcoon is a biodegradable mesh with an elastic and open structure. When used in our NFT Hydroponic systems, Growcoon supports the propagation substrate forming a stable root plug.

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The Growcoon enables you to supply crops faster, ensure more uniform growth, limit wastage, and make the production process more efficient. All consequences of one and the same fact: the plant's requirements are central with the Growcoon.
In addition to the compact bundling of the root ball – the primary function of a growth- and seedplug – the Growcoon creates a 100% natural soil. In contrast to alternative products, nothing stands in the way of the growth of the root ball. In short, the Growcoon is the ideal product for every grower who also puts the plant front and centre, yet runs an efficient production process.
Unique product properties
The ‘secret’ of the Growcoon is its unique wall. This is made up of a biodegradable web with an open net structure. The net structure not only ensures binding of the root ball, but also provides a structure, so that the plant's roots can continue to grow uninhibited.
What's more, the Growcoon has a unique fit. The Growcoon seals the upper edge of the tray hole to prevent substrate from drying out. At the same time, a small space is created at the bottom for an oxygen buffer. This oxygen buffer gives the hair roots all the space they need to develop. The base of the Growcoon makes the plug perfectly suited to automated processes. Thanks to the smart concept of the base, the Growcoon is easy to press out from underneath. Additional benefit: substrate falling through the bottom is a thing of the past.