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NFT Hydroponic Base


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NFT Hydroponic Base has been designed specifically for growing larger vine crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and chillies hydroponically. 

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  • Designed to return water nutrient from over-irrigation or continuous irrigation back to source tank, or to storage tanks for re-treatment/ reuse.
  • Can be used with most plant pots or even plant bags, ideal for vine crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers. 
  • Growing medium independent, tested with soil, perlite, cocopeat, sawdust (large grain), optional micro filters advised on smaller grains/peat/soil. 
  • Width & height ideal for one or multiple plant pots/bags.
  • Height allows easy fit or slide under existing crop pots/bags. 
  • Can support up to 70 Kg (kilograms). 
  • Easy stack for transportation and shipping. Fits snug over water nutrient return pipe (surface layout) can be easily adapted to underground return pipe.
  • Ideal for long run back to back configurations, also ideal for off-set configurations I.e. one left, one right etc.
  • Made from ABS Plastic - available in black and white.

Data sheet

Crops to GROW Grow a variety of vine & larger crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, mange tout, courgette, peppers & chilies.