NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower 2-8 System


New product

The advantage of the NFT 2-8 system is that you can trial growing Hydroponics as the system has the flexibility to scale up exponentially to commercial a level of farming with hydroponics.  NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower 4 -16 System

Data sheet

Hydroponic Nursing Profiles 2 x NFT Hygro Nursing Profiles ( 72 holes)
Hydroponic Finishing Profiles 8 X NFT Hygro Finishing Profiles ( 18 holes)
Re-circulation Tank Kit Water Nutrient Recirculation Tank Kit x 1 ( included air pump, pond pump, tank of 43 litres)
Aluminium Frame Table Connect-It Table Kit x 1 (2 x 1.5m quick connect aluminium frame table)
Water Nutrient Return Manifold Water Nutrient Return Manifold Kit x 1 (All fittings included)
Water Nutrient Feed Manifold Water Nutrient Feed Manifold Kit x 1 (All fittings included)
Additional Notes PLEASE NOTE: Growing foam/propagation media and trays are quoted separately.