NFT Hygro Grower Profile - Nursing Profile (72 holes)

HGP - 72

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NFT Hydro Grower Profile

Nursing Profile with 72 plant sites. 

Designed primarily for growing Herb & Lettuce type crops using hydroponic Nutrient Film Technology.

Made from Food Grade uPVC UV Stabilised.

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Height 5cm
Width 10cm
Weight 3.4kg
Compositions 3.65m length with 72 plant sites
Styles NFT Hygro Grower Nursing Profile - 72 plant sites

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NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower Profile a Hygro Profile (Overview & Advantages)

Our Hygro profiles are best suited for herbs and lettuce type crops, based on the American way of growing hydroponically the profiles promote optimal growth on both commercial and hobby scales. Our long, narrow profiles (3.6 meters x 100mm width x 50mm height, 3mm wall thickness) with a unique inner bottomed ribbed surface, which ensures the medium (Oasis, Rockwool) remains moist but not soggy, the ribs further promote oxygen to the root base, whilst simultaneously distributing nutrient evenly. No net pots are required when using growing mediums such as Oasis® Grower Foam (which we stock) or Rockwool cubes.

 Hygro profiles are made from food grade uPVC and are brilliant white in color, UV stabilized for 10 year service (1 year warranty)