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  • Description HYGROPONIC is a specialised hydroponic water soluble nutrient mixture for the production of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in tunnels under hydroponic conditions. HYGROPONIC must be used with SOLU-CAL and POTASSIUM NITRATE in preparing the feed water mix. Composition: (See product description.) Packaging: 25 kg woven bag with inner. #MORE...

  • Description SOLU-CAL (Calcium Nitrate)  Ca (NO3)2 used with HYGROPONIC as a specialised hydroponic water soluble nutrient mixture. Composition: Nitrogen (N) ................................. 117 g/kgCalcium (Ca) ................................ 166 g/kg Packaging: 25 kg woven bag with inner. #MORE INFO #DOWNLOADS

  •  In a 10 x 30m greenhouse, you will have 60 Nursing profiles, with 72 plan sites per profile  & 240 Finishing profiles, with 18 plan sites per profile which will give you a potential yield & production of 4320 plants every 2 - 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the skill of the grower. This commercial-scale set-up is ideal for leafy greens & herbs. 

  • 3.65m in length, based on international standards of growing. Available in 6m lengths on bulk orders only.  

  • The 8-32 Hydroponic Herb & Lettuce System is designed for growers wishing to expand to commercial scale. The system being 6 x 3.8 meters is inter-connectable using our unique aluminium frame tables, thus making it easier to to join 6m NFT banks down greenhouses.   

  • NFT Hydro MG-52 Microgrees System (52x 1.8m Growing Channels) for the commercial growing of microgreens. Yield & Production is calculated per open microgreen open profile. You can expect a harvest between 810gr - 1395gr depending on small leaf or large leaf microgreens.

  • Each 1.825m microgreens profile may average 810 grams of microgreens plants with a harvest potential between 5 – 10 days, thus an average harvest potential of 416 x 0.81kg = 336.9 kg each 5 – 10 days. Environment & Grower skill dependant 

  • The advantage of the N4-F16 NFT systems is that you can trial growing Hydroponics as the system has the flexibility to scale up exponentially to a commercial  level of farming with hydroponics.  In a 10 x 30m greenhouse you will have 15 x N4-F16 systems. 

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items