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  • Professional hydroponic PVC extrusion/profile for growing leafy greens & herbs 3.65 meters as standard length with 18 plantsites.  Custom lengths available on a minimum order quantity, Pre-drilled/milled with custom plant site hole configurations available on request. #MORE INFO

  • The N8 – F32 System is an affordable Herb & Lettuce system designed for restaurants, safari lodges, hospitals or new growers wishing to start a small business with the flexibility to scale to a commercial level at a later stage. The system is 6 meters wide by 3.9 meters deep and comes in an easy to assemble kit form.   1152 plants on the system, with...

  • The N60 – F240 System is a commercial hydroponic leafy greens (fresh produce) system classed as a high production environment.   The system can grow 9216 plants with the potential to harvest 4608 Plus plants every 2–3-4 weeks. #MORE INFO

  • The MG - 52 System is an affordable Microgreens System, ideal for semi-commercial to commercial growing of microgreens using the NFT (nutrient film technology) hydroponic method. The system being 3 meters wide and 1.9 meters in depth (back-to-back configuration) and comes in an easy to assemble kit form.  52 microgreens profile lengths on the system, with...

  • Each 1.825m microgreens profile may average 810 grams of microgreens plants with a harvest potential between 5 – 10 days, thus an average harvest potential of 416 x 0.81kg = 336.9 kg each 5 – 10 days. Environment & Grower skill dependant 

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items