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  • Description HYGROPONIC is a specialised hydroponic water soluble nutrient mixture for the production of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in tunnels under hydroponic conditions. HYGROPONIC must be used with SOLU-CAL and POTASSIUM NITRATE in preparing the feed water mix. Composition: (See product description.) Packaging: 25 kg woven bag with inner. #MORE...

  • Description SOLU-CAL (Calcium Nitrate)  Ca (NO3)2 used with HYGROPONIC as a specialised hydroponic water soluble nutrient mixture. Composition: Nitrogen (N) ................................. 117 g/kgCalcium (Ca) ................................ 166 g/kg Packaging: 25 kg woven bag with inner. #MORE INFO #DOWNLOADS

  • 3.65m in length, based on international standards of growing. Only sold in bundles of 5

  •  In a 10 x 30m greenhouse, you will have 60 Nursing profiles, with 72 plan sites per profile  & 240 Finishing profiles, with 18 plan sites per profile which will give you a potential yield & production of 4320 plants every 2 - 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the skill of the grower. This commercial-scale set-up is ideal for leafy greens & herbs. 

  • Ultrasol® K is the leader potassium source for all growth stages with additional nitrate-nitrogen for a quick absorption by the plant. Free of chloride and mixable with all water-soluble sources. This combination makes Ultrasol® K the most all-round and the most efficient water-soluble K - source of its kind.

  • HI981413 Nutrient Dosing System for Nutrient Solutions and Irrigation Water HI981413 Nutrient Dosing System is engineered for maintaining the concentration of fertilizer in the nutrient solution used in hydroponics and irrigation water. The nutrient concentration in the water used for irrigation is critical for the successful propagation and growth of...

  • Due to its low N/K ratio, Ultrasol® K is suitable for all crops and growth stages, including flowering and ripening stages.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items