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  • Open Industry Standard Seeding Propagation Tray (28cm X 40cm X 7cm) Perfect for use with the Oasis® HORTICUBES and ROOTCUBE Sheets.      

  • 3.65m in length, based on international standards of growing. Available in 6m lengths on bulk orders only.  

  • 3.65m in length, based on international standards of growing. Only sold in bundles of 5

  • The advantage of the NFT 2-8 system is that you can trial growing Hydroponics as the system has the flexibility to scale up exponentially to commercial a level of farming with hydroponics.  NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower 4 -16 System

  • The advantage of the N8-F32 NFT systems is that you can start growing Hydroponics on a semi-commercial scale as the system has the flexibility to scale up exponentially from here to a full-scale commercial level of farming with hydroponics.   

  •  In a 10 x 30m greenhouse, you will have 60 Nursing profiles, with 72 plan sites per profile  & 240 Finishing profiles, with 18 plan sites per profile which will give you a potential yield & production of 4320 plants every 2 - 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the skill of the grower. This commercial-scale set-up is ideal for leafy greens & herbs. 

  • NFT Hydro MG-26 Microgreens System (26x 1.8m Growing Channels - 3m) for the commercial growing of microgreens.  Yield & Production is calculated per open microgreen open profile. You can expect a harvest between 810gr - 1395gr depending on small leaf or large leaf microgreens. Grown on fiber paper, our microgreens systems is designed for clean growing...

  • Minimum order of 10 Microgreens open profiles 

  • The NFT Hydro Base is designed for growing Vine Crops in a greenhouse, this commercial set-up is for 200-400 NFT Hydro Bases in a 10 x 30m Greenhouse.

  • NFT Hydroponic Base has been designed specifically for growing larger vine crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vine crops hydroponically. 

  • Fiber Paper for the growing of microgreens. 

  • HI981413 Nutrient Dosing System for Nutrient Solutions and Irrigation Water HI981413 Nutrient Dosing System is engineered for maintaining the concentration of fertilizer in the nutrient solution used in hydroponics and irrigation water. The nutrient concentration in the water used for irrigation is critical for the successful propagation and growth of...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items