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  • 3.65m in length, based on international standards of growing. Only sold in bundles of 5

  • The aponix vertical barrel is a growing device that can use an existing nutrient cycle, either hydroponic or aquaponic much like a normal NFT. Innovate the way we GROW. 

  • The advantage of the NFT 2-8 system is that you can trial growing Hydroponics as the system has the flexibility to scale up exponentially to commercial a level of farming with hydroponics.  NFT Hydro Hydroponic Grower 4 -16 System

  • The advantage of the N8-F32 NFT systems is that you can start growing Hydroponics on a semi-commercial scale as the system has the flexibility to scale up exponentially from here to a full-scale commercial level of farming with hydroponics.   

  • NFT Hydro MG-52 Microgrees System (52x 1.8m Growing Channels) for the commercial growing of microgreens. Yield & Production is calculated per open microgreen open profile. You can expect a harvest between 810gr - 1395gr depending on small leaf or large leaf microgreens.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items